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Choosing a letting agent is an important decision. At our lettings reviews centre you can read unbiased reviews about local firms to help you make better choice. If you are already a client, share your positive or negative expirience with others by writing an independent review about your agent on our board.

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Had a terrible time renting with this agent Would strongly recommend against using this agency

After several years managing the letting of our London property to a very high standard, we were equally pleased with Drivers & Norris' performance as the sales agent for the same property. As residents in Brazil it was particularly important to have a strong personalized service, with a regular

Agents don't get more morally bankrupt than this! I have had the displeasure of dealing with this company as a tenant. If you are a landlord and you care about the fair treatment of human beings, go elsewhere! We were renting a property and requested to change 2 tenants, who we had found

Fixed Rent Ltd have been managing my Neasden property for over 4 years. It is on their Guaranteed Scheme and I have always been paid on time every month. They have also inspected the property regularly and maintained it very well.

After 40 days our deposit still remains with these agents/landlord. Staff is incompetent to properly carry out check out and deposit release processes. They don't understand what agents have to say unless you call them everyday until the week passes by and eventually they will make a snail's

Tried on several occasions to book a viewing, No one turned up at the property. When I called them, a very rude girl said they were to busy to talk to me!!! Spoke to a very rude man also. Avoid!!!

What an absolute joke of a business. I called to book a viewing for a property to buy and an agreed time and date was arranged. I turned up at 6:15 in the rain and had prior to arriving tried to ring to confirm I was on my way, no answer. Waited at the property for 45 minutes in the cold and

I would not recommend anyone choose this agent. I have vacated the property since a very long time but have not received my deposit. I called this agent and they kept saying their manager was not there so I should send them an email. I have sent a lot of emails but have received no response.

Attempted to rent a flat in Dewsbury from these people (in Boothroyds House if the owner is reading). Viewing was great, paid the application fee on the spot and received the application by email the following morning. Replied within 30 minutes enclosing every piece of supporting information

I brought a new build property in Mickleover and rented it straight out with Platinum Estates. They looked after all aspects of the property and the requests of the tenant which left me with peace of mind. A year later I moved into the property and it was handed back to me in the exact same

I had to put my penthouse up for let with Platinum Estates and I was very impressed with the knowledgeable information that they provided at our first meeting. They took photos of the property and had viewings take place the following day. My property received a secure tenant within a couple

It took 130 Days to get my Deposit back. 130 DAYS! 4 and a half months!! After creating a fake dispute, taking an age to argue the case. Other than that they seem to be professional... maybe they need more staff... but if you like getting your deposit back in a timely manner then avoid.

Helpful and professional service, Acorns Lettings are very good at what they do. Bravo!!!

Sadly, I would have to share the sentiments of the last reviewer. Absolutely shocking service. We have been in our Apartment 1 month. Curtains were hiding rotten windows. Doors have gaps. Most of the windows are broken. Broken double glazing. Water leaking from window in my 3 year old toddlers

My property was let within 24 hours. The staff were fantastic, very knowledgeable and I felt had an approach that put me at ease with the whole process. Michael, who came out to look at my property knew his stuff and was able to answer all my questions.

I have been letting my property with Martin and Co. for a few years now, appointing them upon recommendation from another landlord. They handled the transition from my incumbent letting agent, efficiently and professionally, with tact and diplomacy. During my whole period as a landlord

Leaders pride park, Derby Appalling service. Been in property for less than 1 month. No condition report. No inventory. Countless phone calls. No direct debit for rent. Absolutely no faith whatsoever in this company. Awful service. Be very careful before engaging the services of this company.

Absolutely terrible service for tenants, avoid using Stirling Ackroyd completely , their tenancy contracts are made to benefit/safeguard landlords and themselves and exploit tenants. We had a terrible experience dealing with them, the nightmare stories you hear about estate/letting agents came

Working on a project over here in London from the U.S.A needed an apartment to rent for a Short Period of time. Shak was great with few different apts to select from. the apartment was actually better than the pictures provided. Great Agency. will definitely be calling you guys up for

I previously rent a flat with Alba residential then Braemore took over. Lived in the property for nearly 5 years with a perfect inspection each time and no complaints. We reported various issues - cooker broken, blinds broken, flooded downstairs neighbour, mouldy bathroom floors, cracked

Decent guys at a new agency. Very helpful with getting me and my girlfriend settled in. The smoothest experiences i have had renting an apartment.

They really won't bother with you until they feel like it, I was locked out of my own house the other day missing work because the locks are screwed and a certain main door key open the flat door also so people that have the main door key now have access to my flat. The tap has been ripped

My first year at Plymouth University saw me rent a property from Home Student Link. Pros: Great location Less expensive than other options Good vibe within the house amongst housemates All inclusive of bills I had a spacious top floor room looking out onto the university Friendly

I have had the misfortune to use Berkley's as a landlord and as a potential investment buyer...... Completely useless on both counts. Students , landlords , sellers avoid, use more knowledgable and professional services of others like Keywest next door or First4lettings; excellent people.

Very good small local agency. So nice to deal with a local firm so you always know the person you're speaking to. Managed my small flat while I rented it out, Then gave me advice on what to do when i moved back up north. I although it was a lovely apartment and the advised me to keep it. I

My experience with the company was good and i will always recommend them to friends and families who need the services they offer.

Absolutely appalling. Would not trust these people as a tenant or to manage your property. I don't know how an organisation can get away with being this bad. Choose another letting agency, do not waste your time or money on these people.

I have been letting my property with Martin and co Sutton Coldfield for 4 years now and I have found them to be nothing but helpful, friendly and efficient. Andrew and his team are approachable and know their business well. Being new to letting, I often need to ask questions and have always

I would give 0 stars if possible. We had a rats nest in our home for 3 months and the rude staff chose to ignore us! Awful. Do not rent with this company!

Charged well over £300 for holding fee. We were told that we would get it back if we pulled out of the transaction. But they refused to pay it back even though it was meant for a couple and only one person was going on the paperwork. They appeared to be helpful at first, but shouldn't have

Absolutely appalling service from day one. Woman called Carol so rude, arrogant, stuck up, zero people skills, made the whole tenancy miserable. I heard other tenants share stories of how she had treated them too. She acts like she's manager of a multi million pound buisuness (even though they

Martin and co. Helped me get rid of a bad tenant. The tenant left the flat in a bad state, oven was filthy, bathroom grouting all mouldy. The tenant didn't know how to keep a good house. I asked Martin and co to help, Melissa helped obtain money to cover the cleaning costs and then they

I rented a property through Martin and Co for 18 months. They made my move in and out stress free. Would definitely recommend them to anyone

My house was sold on the day and I am very pleased with the service. Thanks Martin & Team.

The worst agency I have dealt with! The staff is very incompetent also they are liars. They will overcharge you with fake damages just to take a little bit of money from your deposit. Also, they hold your deposit for weeks ! Don't do business with them. Dishonest agency!

I would think carefully before paying reference fees to In-House estate agents in Swindon as they will collect your money and offer the flat to the applicant they prefer , and will not give you your money back making up stories that you have some adverse credit.

I use this company to let my property and they were very fast and efficient, My property had been on the market for less than a week and these guys found me tenants. Very happy with their service and will be using them for all my properties.

Not helpful at all and very poor service. It seems simplest tasks are really difficult for them

These people are renowned locally for being bullys and crooks. They always invent reasons to charge money when you move out. They never fix anything. They even charged me to fix problems that existed when i moved in. When i was moving out they offered me a contract that they claimed said they

Bad experience with Leaders. They allowed our landlord to enter the property without 24hrs notice and also without any permission. When we advised them of this they turned a blind eye. Our landlord also put the property on the market which was not allowed in the contract until we had 1 month

Totally unprofessional. When i went to the view the place it was fine apart from a very special light bulb that was missing. "Its being delivered though". A light bulb doesnt seem like a big deal so i ignored that and said id take it. When i moved in the light bulb wasnt there and was told

These properties & their gardens are ugly disgusting dumps & Jackson properties don't give a damn The gardens are overgrown & never done & full of the previous tenants rubbish/furniture!

Emailed the agent to enquire about the apartment and got extremely rude reply in return. Not only the agent is not being helpful by being sarcastic when I sent him my requirement, the info provided in the website does not correspond with the price available. Avoid if possible and I have

Warning to the people that have searched for "the property shop" because they are considering renting one of their advertised properties! Unless you have got money for a solicitor do not use these money grabbing,greedy unprofessional people! We have looked through many reviews of the

I would give zero stars if possible. Rented a property through the Chiswick office and had nothing but issues during my one-year stay. - No communication from the Lettings Manager. Once I paid the deposit, service level dropped to zero. After much chasing, was informed the Lettings Manager

Booked a viewing for a flat which me and my partner desperately wanted so frankly would probably overlook a lot of issues for only for it to be cancelled on the morning of the same day, with just a few hours notice. Even with this inconvienience I thought these things happen, I'll just reschedule.

Flat was perfect, clean and they really helped me out when i moved in. Had a couple ofproblems with plumbing but they sorted them out super quickly. Would recommend for sure!

Stratton Beaumont have been managing my property for the past 2 years now and it has been a great experience from the start. I am thoroughly happy with the service that they provide and I trust fully that they have the best interests of both myself and my tenants in mind in what ever they do.

I have been a tenant of Stratton Beaumont for a year now and have found their service to be great. I have rented previously with a different agency and found the whole process to be a nightmare, not only were the fees extortionate but I found other agencies to be reluctant to do anything for

As a tenant with this company for the past 2 years I found Stratton Beaumont to not only be fair but also impartial, they seem to understand that letting property is not only about the landlords profit margins, it is also about the tenants being happy and being able to be proud of where they