As an independent Property Management Agency, it is as vital to us, as it is to you, that we assist you in finding suitable tenants for your property without undue delay. We have experienced staff on hand at all times to offer their advice, ensuring your needs are met. Being situated on Chillingham Road in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, we have an excellent central location, allowing us easy access all areas of Newcastle, Gateshead and surrounding areas.

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  • Newcastle & North Tyneside

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  City Newcastle upon Tyne
  Postcode NE6 5BU
  Address 176 Chillingham Rd
  Phone Number 019 1240 1818
  Fax 0191-2401717

From the first move in, Wright Residential was really a very lazy agent. They will not accompany you to your new flat. Everything has to be arranged by yourself. It is impossible to complain to them on the faults of the property because the agent is not there to look at it with you. Mind you that all electrical accounts, water, etc has to be arranged by YOURSELF. They will not help out.

Secondly, don't be deceived by the photos they show on the inventory list. They crop their photos to hide the faults of the inventory inside the property. In their inventory list, they will claim that they are not experts at taking photos but when it comes to checking out from the property, they will try their best to make sure they find all faults possible of the property even though it was already there when you first moved in.

Also during the last 28 days of your tenancy, there will be a lot of viewings of the property by future tenants. I have experienced 3 times a day of people coming in and out and disturbing my privacy. There was once when the agent did not even inform me that they were coming for viewing and have intruded my privacy.

Do not deal with cheats like them. No matter what you say or proof you have given regarding the property's faults, they will pin it on you. They are very inconsiderate and your life will be very miserable as long as Wright Residential is your agent. I must say throughout the one year experience I had in Newcastle, this experience with Wright Residential was the most disappointing and disgusting experience ever.

I have told all my friends who have moved to Newcastle to avoid Wright Residential and blacklisted them from the whole group so that they will avoid dealing with cheats like this.

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