About The1 Residential Lettings & Managment Ltd

The 1 Residential Lettings and Management Ltd team are: Graeme Shaw, Wendy Starks and Colin Starks.

We're a team totally committed to the specialist needs of landlords and tenants. We're a team not distracted or sidelined by selling houses. A team who are serious about what we do and serious about doing it better than anyone else. We're also a team who actually enjoy what we are doing and think that if you enjoy doing something you do it better.

Our role is to help you find what you want. To find you the right match. If you're a tenant then it's all about matching you to the perfect property. If you're a landlord then we're all about matching your investment to the right tenants.
This isn't just a job for us, it's our passion.

Please feel free to contact the1lettings if you require any further information.

Serviced Areas

  • North East, Newcastle, Durham

Contact Details

  City Durham
  Phone Number 0191 371 2478

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