Studentcircle is a totally new concept in student lettings! The innovators of Studentcircle became so fed up with how their student houses were being managed and the customer service given to their tenants that they decided to start their own on line letting agents and do it the right way! Taking all their past experiences and knowledge they have produced something that really stands out from the crowd.

Most students end up having to live in OK houses but have to go through all the difficulties and deal with stuffy men in suits in the estate agents. At Studentcircle they understand that the needs of many students are not being met. They understand that you have lectures and sometimes can't make daytime appointments so.they can see you after all your uni commitments when it fits in with you!

They understand that there are some really scary houses out there that most students get shoved into and forgotten about as long as the rent keeps coming, at Studentcircle they personally go to each and every house to see if it passes the would I want to live here test!

Studentcircle get that, most of the letting agents want you to fit into the same tired old system - walk around town looking through windows going into the estate agents getting tons of details and getting fed up with all the here come the students attitude. This is why Studentcircle is on line so you can start looking at houses and inquiring about them on line 24/7 and when you get bored of that there's tons more of stuff to get stuck in with on the rest of the website.

No one you meet from Studentcircle will ever just see you as another student they get the fact that you just want it to be a simple and as straight forward as possible jargon and difficult forms to fill no hidden fees that you have to go into your overdraft to scary looking houses! The equation is simple and Studentcircle has uncovered what makes student lettings work, as soon as you contact them you will see the difference to everything else you know.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Out of Hours and weekend Viewings available
  • Opening hours are from 9:30 - 8:00
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff
  • Discount to many local student club nights

Serviced Areas

  • Coventry

Contact Details

  City Coventry
  Postcode CV1 3HE
  Address 36 Northumberland Road
  Phone Number 024 7651 0094

  • I would recommend this business

Highly recommended! Aidan was very helpful and prompt to respond to all our needs about the place we were looking, within our budget. To someone who arrived to an unfamiliar place, he certainly made us feel that everything would run smoothly.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Very good service, helpful agent, very good rent for the wonderful place we have. Everything gets sorted quickly with the agent, who is helpful and friendly.

After a really complicated and difficult year, Studentcircle were both helpful and patient.

I would like to leave this rating to spread the word of a fantastic letting agency. A personal thank you to Aidan who is not the ultimate professional but a top person who I hold in high regard. After renting houses in Coventry for the past 5 years with 5 different letting agencies including a couple of dismal years with Futurelets and UNAC; Student Circle restored my faith in letting agencies.

Thank you for everything!

My husband and I got a house in Coventry through Student Circle Lettings and we were really happy with the agency. Both Alan and Aidan were always available for us whenever we needed them for any house related issues. Our experience was great and they checked us out in a very professional manner, returning the deposit in just a few days! Great service, great people. Highly recommend this agency for future home-seekers.

Alan Alan he's our man! If he can't do it, NO ONE CAN!! In all seriousness, I have been using Student Circle for the last 2 years and will be going into my 3rd year of using their services. Alan and his team have been absolutely amazing and very patient with me during my house searches. If anything needs to be done, it's done promptly without any issues! Couldn't praise them enough! They are approachable and professional and will definitely recommend!

We highly recommend Studentcircle Lettings! Relocating from Northampton to Coventry was stressful enough, but choosing a property with Studentcircle Lettings made the whole process a lot easier! Alan has been very efficient and professional since day one. He picked us up to view the property and dropped us back to Coventry station which is not something estate agents do for you. He is a very approachable person and has always promptly resolved any problems we have had with the boiler and washing machine for example. We have been extremely pleased with the very professional and friendly service Studentcircle gives its tenants.

We chose StudentCircle for our final year house. The amount of flexibility and understanding regarding late payments etc was absolutely commendable. Many other companies would have hit us with many charges but they were always willing to be flexible with us when we made contact with a problem.

I highly recommend them as a company that won't milk you for all the money that they can get and has a personal feel. 5 stars.

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Whose looking for accommodation? don't let it bog you down! contact our friendly and helpful team now on 02476510094
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From Our Website

We understand that letting your student property, particularly for the first time, can be a worrying experience. With this in mind, our most important consideration is providing you, the Landlord, with the best possible service in order to find the perfect student for your property. Our aim is to treat all of our coventry customers, be it Landlords or student tenants, with the same respect and care, ensuring that we are treating people how we would like to be treated ourselves. By placing a focus at the forefront on customer service at both ends, it allows for an atmosphere of care and attention from both sides which shows with the higher quality of living that we strive to provide.

StudentCircle has continued to grow with the times, a fact which is reflected by our recent nomination and subsequent winning of the prestigious Scoot Headline Award for Letting and Management. To further this progression we are currently working hard to facilitate our portfolio of houses to qualify for the UNIPOL accreditation scheme. Over consecutive years we have continued to increase the number of tenants placed in properties with a concurrent increase in the amount of landlords' properties managed; we feel this reflects the positive relationships we continue to build with both parties.