Studentcircle is a totally new concept in student lettings! The innovators of Studentcircle became so fed up with how their student houses were being managed and the customer service given to their tenants that they decided to start their own on line letting agents and do it the right way! Taking all their past experiences and knowledge they have produced something that really stands out from the crowd.

Most students end up having to live in OK houses, but have to go through all the difficulties and deal with stuffy men in suits in the estate agents.

At Studentcircle they understand that the needs of many students are not being met.

They understand that you have lectures and sometimes can’t make daytime appointments so - they can see you after all your uni commitments when it fits in with you!

They understand that there are some really scary houses out there that most students get shoved into and forgotten about as long as the rent keeps coming, at Studentcircle they personally go to each and every house to see if it passes the ‘would I want to live here’ test!

Studentcircle get that, most of the letting agents want you to fit into the same tired old system - walk around town looking through windows - going into the estate agents - getting tons of details and getting fed up with all the ‘here come the students’ attitude.

This is why Studentcircle is on line so you can start looking at houses and inquiring about them on line 24/7 and when you get bored of that there’s tons more of stuff to get stuck in with on the rest of the website.

No one you meet from Studentcircle will ever just see you as another ‘student’ they get the fact that you just want it to be a simple and as straight forward as possible - no jargon and difficult forms to fill - no hidden fees that you have to go into your overdraft to cover - no scary looking houses! The equation is simple and Studentcircle has uncovered what makes student lettings work, as soon as you contact them you will see the difference to everything else you know.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Out of Hours and weekend Viewings available
  • Opening hours are from 9:30 - 8:00
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff
  • Discount to many local student club nights

Serviced Areas

  • Leicester University - De Montfort University

Contact Details

  City Leicester
  Postcode LE1 1SS
  Address Internet Based
  Phone Number 024 7651 0094