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Contact Details

  City Nottingham
  Postcode NG1 4EN
  Address 210 North Sherwood Street
  Phone Number 011 5955 3181

I used this company during my final year of university in Nottingham, when we moved in the boiler was broken and it took a month to fix. My lock broke which locked my keys inside my room and they charged me fifteen pounds to come and open it before they realised it wasn't my fault the lock was broken. I never did get a refund. They started working on the property's kitchen during the last month of our tenancy agreement when they thought (without checking) that we had all moved out. As it turned out I was on holiday and when I arrived they had filled the entire living room with kitchen units blocking in my television.

I was unable to physically move the television out of the room and they told me I would be charged for leaving it. I argued that they had no right to begin working on the property without my permission while I was still renting it and went through an extremely long process of fighting my corner not to be charged fifty pounds for being unable to move my television out when really they should have been compensating my loss of property. Wouldn't touch them and wouldn't recommend them. They treat students as if they are children with money to burn instead of young capable adults.