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Contact Details

  City Leeds
  Postcode LS6 1AS
  Address 5 Victoria Rd
  Phone Number 011 3275 0777

We chose Stonehouse property as a last minute decision. Having previously had a house managed by a private landlord there was a distinct difference with Stonehouse. They were solely focussed around generating money.

Here is a list of the charges given to us towards the end of our tenancy:

J25.00 per missed/late payment

J5.00 per light bulb

If any keys havenít been returned by midday, ALL tenants will be charged J25.00 PER HOUR.

Also when any parts of the house malfunctioned, it was never possible to get in touch with someone- all contact is made through email. This included when the boiler broke down or when there were issues with the shower. For example when the heating stopped working during the winter on the weekend, it was impossible to contact anyone who could remedy this problem. I was left with no heating all weekend.

Overall the service was non existent and it felt like Stonehouse aimed to exploit money out of us every step of the way.

My advice is to try and get a private landlord, who is certified by Unipol. They will be more flexible with late rent and when there is an issue with the house you will actually be able to talk to someone, instead sending an email.

When signing a property with Stonehouse, they seem pleasant enough and willing to do any work that needs doing. I've been renting with them for two years and there are still things that are in the contract have not been done. There is poor communication between the estate agent and the landlord and you often have to call multiple times just for them to sort something fairly straightforward out. When they eventually get around to sorting out any problems with the property, they are always bodge jobs and you can guarantee that you will be calling them again in a few months for the same problem. They will also do everything they can to chalk problems up to "tenant misuse" so they don't have to spend their own pennies. They give no notice as to when they will come to the property and on a number of occasions we have found the landlord snooping around the house and taking photographs. Obviously planning ahead on what he will buy with our deposits. Bear in mind it was written into our contract there would be no surprise inspections. I would recommend staying as far away from Stonehouse properties as physically possible. They have no respect for their tenants and milk us for every penny they can.