Our professional and affordable property Inventory services saves both the landlord and tenants the hassle, time and money.

Our property inventory reports are an accurate and unbiased description of the content and condition of a property when it is either rented, returned to the landlord or handed over to the client in the case of a new build or renovation.

With our professional inventory software, efficient and automated business process and high-definition digital photography, you can rest assured your reports will be accurate, detailed and on time. In addition, all our inventory clerks are CRB checked and are trained to the APIP standard.

Our professional inventory services are available to private landlords and agents within the London boroughs and we are fully insured, consisting of public liability and professional indemnity, so relax and let us take care of your property needs.

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Products & Services

Property Inventory Reports

An Inventory Report is an unbiased and complete record of the condition and content of the property. It will include details of all fixtures, fittings and d?cor of the property. We work through the property in a simple and methodical way from the front entrance through each room. We also include any outdoor space that is included within the rental agreement to which the tenant holds full responsibility, these areas typically will include a garage or other out buildings To aid in the description process we provide high resolution digital photos of each room to give a quick overview, and additional smaller images highlight items of value, interest and damage noted during the inspections. We usually complete our reports within 3 business days of the visit and these are provided as in a PDF format to an email account of your choosing.

Check-In Report

A Check-In Report combined with an inventory creates a document specific to a tenancy. The check-in examines the property on the day that the agreement commences and highlights the condition of the property’s furniture, fixtures and fittings. All descriptions are accompanied by high resolution photographs from within the inventory to ensure accuracy. Meter readings are noted and photographed including each set of keys for the property which are signed for by the new tenants. As the check in is completed, we walk tenants through the property clarifying any points with them. A Check-in provides a schedule of condition of the property and sets the standard at which the property should be maintained, and returned at the end of the tenancy.

Check-Out Report

A Check-Out Report takes place at the most important point in the tenancy when the tenants vacate the property. The check-out compares the condition at the end of the tenancy to that on the inventory and check-in reports that where conducted at the beginning. Each room in the report will have an overview, photographs and a detailed description of any changes that have occurred in the property. We assign liability for these changes to either tenants or the landlord (maintenance) or to fair wear and tear. The report also notes final meter readings, compares keys returned to keys provided at the start of the tenancy. Once the Check-Out report is completed and sent to our clients, it is either theirs or the landlords responsibility to determine the value of any repairs necessary, the inventory clerks do not assign any monetary value to damage or missing items.

Mid-Term Report

A Mid-Term Report is a great security measure when letting a property. We will conduct a review of the property mid-way through the tenancy period at a point agreed by you.. The appointment appraises the condition of the property relative to the length of the tenancy and expected condition at that point in time. This Mid Term Report allows you to keep in touch and remain informed during the tenancy, which we find always makes end of tenancies much smoother. In some cases, such as when damage is noted, it allows you to make an informed decision as to renewing the tenancy and/or scheduling repairs or further visits.