With an array of letting agents in and around Bristol to choose from, deciding which one to go with can often be a challenge in itself.

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Three words - Proper Property People. Our team is genuinely committed to guiding you through the process of letting in Bristol in a way that is as successful and stress-free as possible.

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For landlords who are thinking of letting their property in Bristol or the surrounding area, we have a variety of property management schemes available, ranging from the traditional to our highly popular Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme which offers hassle free property management whilst guaranteeing the rent even if the property is vacant! It's the perfect 'let and forget' solution.

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Agents don't get more morally bankrupt than this! I have had the displeasure of dealing with this company as a tenant. If you are a landlord and you care about the fair treatment of human beings, go elsewhere!

We were renting a property and requested to change 2 tenants, who we had found ourselves, due to 2 people moving out. They wanted £600 to change 2 names on a contract. When I asked what these charges were for, I received patronising and inadequate answers.

Realising that we going to stand up for ourselves, they claimed that the Landlord wanted us evicted due to the recent inspection report, and served an eviction notice. However, said report DID NOT EXIST (there was only an email with 5 bullet points (nowhere near the thorough report we had seen after the first inspection)), and I later spoke to the landlord WHO WAS ON HOLIDAY IN SPAIN AND HAD NOT SEEN ANY REPORT NOR WAS AWARE THAT WE WERE BEING EVICTED.

Northwood Bristol are corporate parasites and professional liars. They fed their profit from our misery, after we had kept the property in good condition (as evidenced by the full deposit being returned to us after the tenancy) and we had paid rent on time every month.

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Overall ratingPoor

I have been renting my house through Northwoods for a few years now - in all that time the service has been getting worse and worse and in fact it is now dire. The only reason I had stayed with this company is because they guarantee the rental - which doesn't even cover the mortgage!

My house was totally vandalised a short while ago and I was not even told!! I went back to sort a few things out and found the house empty and the property damaged beyond belief - no carpets, lino etc., dog mess/urine everywhere (I said I didn't want dogs in the property). Wallpaper pulled off and red paint all over the walls. The carpets (some new) were soaked in urine. My curtains were pinched and the list goes on ...... I was fuming! When I was at the property a woman (I won't mention names) from the agency appeared (in 5" heels and done up looking like she was off to the local disco not working at a letting agency!) and said I'm terribly sorry, how I didn't hit her I don't know - the agency keep around J200.00 of my rental every month because I live a long way from the property I have full management/platinum with them. Eventually after much complaining they apologised and have (so say) put the property right - that remains to be seen.

I have had a number of issues over the years and this is only one of them. Their lastest? Taking money straight from my rental for work which has not been authorised by me! Obviously I should be informed when any repairs need doing and I can arrange for my own workman to come in - Northwoods usually charge J70.00 per hour! I am not happy so I am taking this further. They have now let to another DHSS (even though they say they don't they do!) a single mum with a dog. (Yes! I couldn't believe it myself).

Also the locks were changed without my consent and I have NO key to my own property!!

I shall definately be looking elsewhere next year or I shall put the house on the market.

I have been a tenant with Northwood for about 2.5 years. The list of issues I have with them is absolutely endless and I cannot believe they anyone would go back to them for repeat business. In fact, I cannot believe that they are surviving the recession. They make attempts to rob you of cash at every oppertunity:

When renewing an existing contract, they aim to charge you 25 GBP for the privilege - 'admin charge'.

When increasing the rent, they write you a letter and aim to charge you 25 GBP for the privilege - 'admin charge'.

If your rent is x days late, they will try to charge you interest.

If you wish to be present at a property inspection, and cannot make a specified time (dictated by them) they will charge you 80GBP (!!!!!) for altering a time (convenient to you).

When they write you a letter, it will be in BOLD littered with spelling mistakes, as will the contract-in some cases they will not not even spell your name correctly.

They are supposed to be agents/property managers etc, but merely pass you over to the actual owner of the property in the event of problem with the property-adding no value whatsoever-either way.

They have no 'out of hours' emergency number-when the alarm on our rented house started going off for no reason, it was fortunate that our neighbours had the telephone number of the owners-who came by and sorted the proble, Northwood have been no help whatsoever.

You will probably not get your deposit back: In the unlikely event that you haven't gathered a rake load of 'admin charges' over a 2 year period for this letter or that letter (unavoidable), they will claim that you are liable for rent for the duration of your contract, even beyond dates stipulated by the notice period. What is the point I ask in having a notice period if you are liable for the rent for the entire contract??????

In the event your boiler packs up and you have no hot water, they will have no interest in sorting out a problem with any great urgency. They will just fob you off for as long as possible until you start to get scary with them.

They increase the rent every 6 months. THEN, attempt to let the property out after your departure for less money than you were paying for the duration of your contract!!!! If that isn't enough to put you off, I don't know what is. I have rented from several other agents in the past, (Kingsley Thomas, Mayfair Property, Andrews) who have all been very reasonable; or as reasonable as lettings agents seem in comparison to these Northwood. They provide an awful service and are complete cowboys. They make any other agent seem like a charity. Avoid at all costs and do not use!!!!!