Christopher Hitchen, Managing Director of Northern Apartments is a landlord himself; he understands the importance of relaying tenant feedback to the landlord. A member of the Northern Apartments lettings team is always available to give property valuations for prospective landlords and guide them through the rentals market. It may be easier to give a valuation over the phone but at Northern Apartments we realise that to be able to value a property accurately a viewing is essential.

This personalised service allows the landlord to work closely with our team, benefitting from our advice on how to gain the best rental amount for your property and how to attract the professional tenant. Even if your properties are not in one central location, we can help as we cover the whole of Yorkshire. Northern Apartments is the central solution for your property investments.

Serviced Areas

  • Harrogate & Wetherby, Leeds

Contact Details

  City Leeds
  Postcode LS1 2DS
  Address 6-8 York Place
  Phone Number 011 3245 0093

Overall my experience with Northern has been great. The move in took a bit longer than I thought but this was due to the landlord being overseas which they did explain from the off. They constantly got intouch with me and kept me updated from the viewing and me deciding to take the property. I have been with Northern for 2 years now but have only left due to them not doing sales of houses and i needed to get on the property ladder. They always got my issues with the flats i have lived in fixed and were really good and helpful when it came to renewing contracts or moving me to another apartment. The service i was most pleased with was their is always soeone friendly available to help and you dont get the attitude you get with most agencies i've been with before. They always listen and try to help the best they can. If your looking to rent i would recommend Northern every time.