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Professional Associations & Certifications

  • ARLA
  • NAEA
  • SAFEagent

Serviced Areas

  • Leeds

Contact Details

  City Leeds
  Postcode LS6 3HW
  Address 17 North Lane
  Phone Number 011 3274 5555
  Fax 01132745444

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Easy to Google.
  • Bad communication, rude mannered and likely to unacceptable responsibility

What an absolute joke of a business.
I called to book a viewing for a property to buy and an agreed time and date was arranged. I turned up at 6:15 in the rain and had prior to arriving tried to ring to confirm I was on my way, no answer. Waited at the property for 45 minutes in the cold and still no one answered or turned up.
I rung the next day to explain what had to happened to be told by the manager that it was all my fault for not ringing up and confirming the viewing!! The viewing had been confirmed on the phone previously and the manager, who rudely kept interrupting whenever I tried to make a point where I had to raid my voice to get a word in, kept blaming me and refused to take responsibility. Every excuse and never took any ownership of a mistake on their behalf. They said they had trouble getting in touch with the landlord and getting keys previously in the week...But I had no phone call to be notified of this as they knew they wouldn't get in!! But that was my fault for not ringing up though a date and time had been confirmed.

Then to make it worse, he was like we will book another viewing and try get discounted rent... Ones buying!!! They have no idea about their own properties they were selling on behalf of consumers.

Service & supportAbsolutely Disgraceful
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • It has a roof
  • Will not contact, don't care about anyone

They really won't bother with you until they feel like it, I was locked out of my own house the other day missing work because the locks are screwed and a certain main door key open the flat door also so people that have the main door key now have access to my flat. The tap has been ripped off and not only that but no hot water either.

Our window is broke so anyone can break in, lights don't work and I had a landlord over the other day to tell him my heaters also don't work and he said he "thinks" they're on a timer when I'd told him plenty of times they spark up and turn themselves off when used. If you don't really mind being treated really badly then be my guest but it's nearly christmas we've had to fork out a tonne of money to even move into this absolute dive of a place, certainly ruined Christmas but atleast they'll get there bonus.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingFair

  • I would not recommend this business
  • they will Avoid calls, they will certainly avoid emails and lastly they lie about sorting issues out

Bad company if you want to be lied to and lose money. The have lost my confidence, they will go out of their way to avoid replying back to emails and phone calls. Not rational with the tenant,
there were rats in the flat and they did not attend to this until we asked our bodbuilding friends to speak to them and suddently the rats were out the next day
They have not fixed our broken chairs, so where should guests sit
lastly we had a broken tap to which they ignored the emails to and then when i had called they send they were sending someone to sort it... suprised that no body actually came and that we had to pay alot for the hot water bill?
So if you have a disgustingly, inconsiderate agency, i suggest you go with this, if you want a proper trusting agency... keep on looking

Service & supportoh wow, shocking disgusting and bad
Qualityservice is bad!!!
Overall ratingPoor