Malik Charles & Co UK Ltd In association with Money is an independent property lettings business/ broker which was founded to search the entire market in order to help you find the best deal you possibly can.

We can search for everything from property to Finance to insurance, even mobile phones, helping you save time and money. Our spectrum of services is always growing, so be sure to keep checking back to see the new services we have on offer.

We deal with 90% of the top secured lenders and 100% of all mortgage lenders in the UK and specialise in securing finance whatever your circumstances, even a poor credit rating. We are a credit brokerage company which allows us to place your application with the top lenders and brokerage companies in the UK.

The Money Marina philosophy is to provide its customers with a wide range of tools to seek and hand pick great deals. Together with the quality of both our products and customer service, we aim to be market leaders in our chosen profession by being modern, progressive, dynamic and creditable. We aim to promote integrity, courtesy, professionalism, fairness, transparency, teamwork, responsiveness, efficiency and most of all trust.

We strive for perfection and continuously aim to build trust, gain satisfaction and satisfy audiences with our service to mirror your expectation. We promise an exceptional customer experience to all, ensuring we provide the highest possible professionalism. We focus on empowering you to make the best choice available for yourself.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading Licensed Credit Bro

Serviced Areas

  • Slough, Langley, Burnham, Cippenham, Maidenhead, Toplow, Nationwide

Contact Details

  City Slough
  Postcode SL1 4DX
  Address Bath Road
  Phone Number 017 5377 0136
  Fax 01753725682

Products & Services

Finance, loans, mortgages, re finance, paydayloans, insurance, mobile phones

At some point or another everyone needs to borrow money to perhaps purchase their dream home, business ventures or to buy their dream car, this is where we come in as a financial/Insurance Broker. We can help fulfil these fantastic dreams by helping arrange all types of loans from small to any amount for borrowers fast. We know where the lenders are and we are well acquainted to place the loan proposals for speedy completion. We are well poised within the UK financial market to package and obtain funding for your customers we know the techniques of packaging a loan application actually putting together the right information in the proper format for the correct lender to review. By submitting an application you are asking us to unleash the life long learning knowledge/process of nations leading money professionals to help you borrow to fulfil your dreams by packaging the required funding swiftly, submitting the application and enhancing your chances for funding by simply matching and listening.