What makes us different?

We only let properties; we're not a jack of all trades. (Master of none)!

Our proposition is based on speed;
Our service standards aim to fill you property with a quality tenant in 2weeks!

We optimise our own website & sponsor all the major portals associated with residential lettings.
Our commitment to lettings only & dedicated I.T. team allows us to have an outstanding online

Every tenant is registered.
Unlike other agents we register every tenant who enquires with us (approx 100 per week across 3
areas), it's the job of the marketing team in that area to get to know those tenants & as soon as we
receive the instruction from

You the tenants suitable for your property are contacted & viewings arranged in close proximity
to each other to demonstrate to the tenant the urgency & exclusivity relating to your property.

Your own dedicated highly skilled & motivated Letting Agent.
When you (the landlord) get in touch a member of the marketing team will call you & provide
you (If requested) with a genuine valuation & appraisal of the property, not a price just to
secure the instruction! They will also provide you with their mobile contact details so that you
can speak to them at your convenience, with a service standard that you receive regular feedback.

Thorough and efficient checking/referencing process.
Having secured you a tenant they will be thoroughly & professionally validated as suitable & all
relevant documentation processed prior to move in, when a full inventory will be completed.

All of the above is completed for a fee of just 1 months rent.

Property Management:

In addition to the exceptional service outlined in the tenant finding service you will also receive the following:

The only Letting Agent collecting rentals payment by Monthly Direct Debit (MDD):
Immediate notification if MDD is cancelled, Standing Order can take up to 6 weeks.
Immediate re-instatement of MDD where relevant.
MDD amount can be varied to collect arrears, rent increases etc.
Cancellation of MDD by tenant becomes a breach of the tenancy, providing grounds for
possession order without need for rent arrears (if appropriate & required).

Peace of mind from inconvenient calls/ maintenance demands.
No midnight calls from tenants to tell you they're TV receptions poor.
No calls from tenants on Christmas day to say they can't afford this months rent.
Regular inspections from an independent 3rd party.
Our highly skilled property management team will deal with all of these & many other headaches
on your behalf.

Keep your accountant happy.
Each month you will be provided with a statement of your rental account for your simple tax
record, or if you wish we can send it straight to your accountant or book keeper.

All of the above can be yours for the 1st months rent & 10% plus VAT per month.

Platinum Management Service (complete peace of Mind):

Should you elect for the Platinum management service, you will receive everything within the tenant finding service, the standard management, and in addition the following:

Landlords rent guarantee insurance which provides:

5 months rental payment on a 6 month policy (including a 1 month excess period), up to J10,000 per month up to J25,000!

9 months rental payment on a 12 month policy (Including a 1 month excess period), up to J10,000 per month up to J25,000!

A professional legal team who will begin the rent recovery process immediately, and evict the tenant professionally & quickly.

Whilst most tenancies go without a hitch we all have house insurance for a reason just in case. In this situation you have total peace of mind for a mere 3% per month more than standard management, why wouldn't you?

Serviced Areas

  • Wigan, Warrington, St Helens, Newton-Le-Willows & Bolton

Payment Options

  • Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Payment Card

Contact Details

  City Wigan
  Postcode WN2 5PH
  Address 61 Warrington Rd
  Phone Number 0845-257-0058
  Fax 08452570057

  • I would recommend this business

Delighted with all the help and service I received from the office at Abram, Wigan. My main contact, Karen O'Connor, went out of her way to see that everything was dealt with promptly - even answering all my emails on Saturdays and Sundays. Happy also with the property - and at a reasonable price. Five stars from me.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Karen O'connor was really professional she took care of everything for me very quick turn around for me to find a place and be ready to move into ASAP. I highly recommend Karen and the team

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would not recommend this business

A non stop rollercoaster of stress.
I've written 3 reviews now on this company on different sites.
All staring how appalling they are.
Rude ignorant and aggressive.
Wont reply to anything. Wont acknowledge or take you on with complaints.
Never get essential work done.
Once they have let a property to you, you really are on a hiding to nothing.

I cant believe with the laws we have in this country that they are still allowed to operate.
I know most agent can be difficult. But these are on a whole new level.
The way they have dealt with my complaints are ridiculous. I paid 6 months rent up front on this property plus a months deposit and letting agent fees. There excuse was "THE LANDLORD CANT AFFORD THE REPAIRS". THIS IS NO WAY ACCEPTABLE. Its resulted in my dealing through the environmental health and the council have given them over 40 days to get the work done. That runs out tomorrow and no one has been to even look at it. This has now resulted in me being issued with a Section 21 obviously to get rid of me and my complaining. SERIOUSLY GUYS. LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE WRONG CAN THEY. SAVE YOURSELVES STRESS AND FINANCIAL RUIN BECAUSE THESE COWBOYS ARE RUTHLESS

Value for moneySubstandard so no
Service & supportRude and aggressive
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would recommend this business

A 5 year relationship with these guys ended this week - we never met but in all that time their platinum Landlords service was delivered from a distance with friendly professionalism rent was always paid to us on time and tenancy issues certifications and maintenance services etc were delivered without problems

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Lobster Lettings are a great company myself and my partner have just rented our lovely new home from this company. The team at Lobster Lettings have been efficient from start to finish keeping us both well informed every step of the way, this was a quick and well managed move they listened to what we wanted and have found us a lovely home in a perfect area.the team at Lobster are professional and polite nothing has been to much trouble for them to help us with anything we have asked of them people may say the fees are steep but we personally think that 220 pounds is not that much to pay for he service we have received from them. Many thanks to Lee, Karen and Emma for all they have done for us.

After selecting this company and paying admin fee one months rent and 410 bond I moved in to my new one bed flat. First year okay. Second year cracks started to show, never answered emails, no repairs done that was requested, told would be having electric checked and they would let themselves in if I wasn't available, so I just presumed it was done. After finally had enough signed just a six month contract had to get out. Same old thing electric checks and gas man came in evening having informed us he didn't have keys, when asked Lobster they said never had any (how have they ever done any checks over last 2 years) unbelievable. Washing machine broke on 3rd Jan reported it to no reply (I pay rent for white goods) finally had enough gave notice two months early.

This is when the real fun started, I would owe a release fee and rent if a tenant not found, this changed to a marketing fee soon after, they advertised my one bedroom flat as a two telling prospective tenants that the large cupboard with no electric, no heating and very small window was a bedroom so they could charge more money, I paid my rent upto end of month and a new tenant moved in next day. Now the release/marketing fee has changed yet again to a re-let fee how many more names can you use for my bond which is what they were really after all along. Tried to threaten my guarantor saying I owed rent areas and a weeks tent because tenant wasn't moving in for another week but had already moved in, I am still chasing bond but will not give it up all this company want is money. Oh I just found out they have been insolvent 5 times just keep opening up with different titles prospective tenants beware run for the Hills before getting mixed up with this company who has to have another company to collect rents what does that tell you.

After spending a number of years as a landlord with this company, things finally came to a head within the last few months when I had to get the Property Ombudsman involved. I no longer use them after being frustrated over many months at their refusal to provide invoices for work being done at my property - this was substandard work that resulted in me being charged over and over again for the same job. I also found myself paying for an electrical inspection that was never done, but which they insisted was carried out.

After much wrangling and arguing I have been able to claw alot of this money back with one final amount being ordered from the Ombudsman alongside additional recommendations that Lobster are to adhere to. There are loud alarm bells ringing with this company i.e. Staff turnover, poor service, unwilling to listen and incompetence. As far as I can see it is all about making money for them with service very much a secondary thing.

Unfortunately the regulation of these companies appears to be of a very light touch nature and I would like to see the Ombudsman take a much firmer stance to focus minds within them that will change behaviours and produce a much better outcome for both tenants and landlords! Until this happens, these companies will no doubt continue along the same path perpetuating the poor industry standards that we all have to tolerate..

Acting as a guarantor for my daughter & her husband my wife and I have paid the up front fees (J853) to this company. We have provided all the proof they have asked for, but the only thing with our names and addresses on are driving licenses and appoinment letters. They have 3 months bank statements with all our incomings and outgoings yet still insist on seeing a utility bill. As all our money transactions are by internet we are not able to provide these, but they insist that we must although the payments are on the bank statement.

When I try to speak to a director I am fobbed off with evasive responses.

After reading other reviews I just hope we can get out.

I unfortunately rented a property from these thieves for two years. I soon learnt not to deal with the letting agent directly. I usually dealt with the landlord directly as she was actually very helpful and efficient.

I can understand why this company has such a high staff turnaround as if I was ever unfortunate enough to work for them I would probably consider driving my car into a river before returning to work there. The property I lived in was over priced and Lobster Letting would always endeavour to charge me even more money. Quite frankly it is criminal that this company are allowed to exist.

I am actually tempted to report them to the police for robbing me. The staff are awful and have no customer service skills at all. The company is lazy and complacent. My biggest issue came when I finally got to escape the property. I was denied the return of my bond. This was a very conniving move by Lobster Lettings which is completely expected. My property was inspected by the landlord and the lobster representative both of which confirmed the property was satisfactory. Then they must have changed their mind and decided to steal money from me. I am still disputing this issue with the landlord and letting agent.

It amuses me greatly when dealing with Lobster Lettings when they try to use threatening language and behaviour over the phone as quite frankly I would feel more threatened by my pet goldfish. It is safe to say that Lobster Lettings are a parasite in the world off letting agents and wherever possible should be shut down as soon as possible before they infect other areas of the country. Spreading their poor practice and poor service. If I could give them a lower rating than poor I would.

From the moment we paid the deposit, things changed. They never came back with answers for any of my questions, repairs were never rectified. I had to chase them up for every little thing. They said they would hire a cleaner for the communal areas - in 6 months this never happened although I complained. We handed our notice in as soon as we could. Charlotte was the main contact - although I must have spoke to 4/5 different staff - all who never kept their word and got back to me (The turnover of staff is immense).

It took us over 2 months to get our deposit back after their final inspection (they couldn't get hold of the landlord for his approval apparently) and 3 months to get an overpayment I had made. I had to endlessly send emails that weren't replied to, messages on their voice mail that were never returned and eventually a formal complaint.

A total nightmare - I would not recommend.

Worst company I have dealt with.

- Took money out my bank twice without my permission

- Never fixed anything

- Never returned calls

- Never responded to emails

Word of advice do not rent a house off them unless you want ripping off!

This is a highly unprofessional company if you can call it that! They don't respond to phone calls or emails need to be constantly chased up and even then have no records of why you had rang up. The staff is rude and unprofessional and incompetent they don't have a clue what they are doing. Repairs can take as long as 3 months to be seen to and even then it's after constant chasing up. I've recently moved out and after leaving the house in an excellent condition they're withholding my deposit, could not put this in writing to me to let me know why, in fact were not even going to tell me.

It was only after I had to keep ringing to find out. Also paid a months rent in advance and they took money out of my account for the last 30 days, which they were not meant to and then could not understand why they were not supposed to...had to explain to the agent how it works if you pay a months rent in advance! Still have not had my money back after chasing up several times. Avoid this company!

Slow payers of rent, refused to return our keys at first when we decided not to rent the property out. No proper inspections carried out, resulting in damage to property by tenants and no deposit returned to landlords to pay for repairs. All landlords should avoid this high pressure company.

Me and my partner went to view a property and within 2 hours of viewing we was pressured into giving them the admin fee and deposit. We were told we needed a guarantor and was told they had to be a home owner which she was, and work and we said she had her own business which we was told this was fine. So they took over J750 of us and we heard nothing for 8 days, when we received a phone call stating that we were unable to move into the property as the guarantor had her own business which therfore did not meet the criteria !

We asked for our money back and we would use a different letting agent, they then informed us that because it was past the 7 days cooling off period we were not entitled to our money back even though it was them that left it past this so called cooling off period. After extensive arguments over how it was their fault for not explaining their so called criteria to us they agreed to find us another property in which we could use our money to move into. After 6 months at the property they sent us the renewed tenancy agreed 2 weeks before our existing tenancy was up in which they increased the rent and charged us over J60 per person to extend ! But did not leave us much time to find alternative accommodation if we disagreed with the new tenancy.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be to avoid this agency at all cost, they are only out to rip off unsuspecting customers with their extensive terms and condition and 'Criteria' that their staff do not explain nor know anything about.

Do not use this company unless you have more money than sense as they will take you for every penny !

Their staff is also rude and incompetent.

Very quick to take our money and sign the contracts but have done nothing for us ever since! Numerous problems and repairs that have never been sorted. No contact from landlord. Not reliable at all. Promised visits from the landlord but never turned up. We have constantly chased the estate agents with phone calls and emails but you'd be very lucky if they reply! Disgusting service and rude members of staff. Completely unacceptable. Not even little repairs - living room ceiling fell through, no accommodation was offered, still want full rent. I had a 2 year old living in the property.

Also washing machine broke, cooker broke - can't get rid of these because it comes part furnished yet they have never sent anyone out to repair them. Complete joke. Got environmental health involved who carried out a full assessment and found many problems that we hadn't even realised ourselves including that the property had been falsely advertised to us. It was advertised as a 3 bedroom house but it's not !! It's a 2 bed with a loft conversion that can only be used as a storage room for health and safety reasons. I would never recommend them to anyone or use them ever again! Be warned.

I don't know how they get away with it. Rip off !

Takes 2 weeks to get rent paid to you, rude staff, rip off repair prices.

My partner went to view a property of there's which was To Let. The property was in need of extensive repair and modernisation but my partner saw the potential in the house and was told the landlord would have it ready in 1 month so on hearing that she paid the admin fee and 1 months rent in advance. After countless phone calls to said company after the month had passed, my partner was eventually told after 7 weeks that the landlord hadn't even started any work. On hearing this she asked for her money back because she wasn't prepared to wait any longer. Since this she has received a letter saying she can't get her money back because she didn't request it in the '7 day cooling off period'. Did a landlord even exist? Are they making money out of people who get fed up of waiting?..obviously now we are going to seek legal advice but i'd strongly recommend NOT using this company!!

From Our Website

LV Property Group is the exciting amalgamation of 2 dynamic Letting & Property Management companies formally known as Lobster Lettings and Victory Lettings. This collaboration has allowed us to combine our collective knowledge and expertise of 58 years in the property industry, to establish a strong organisation with a focus on exceptional customer service whilst retaining a competitive fee structure. This means that we can adapt to the numerous changes in the rental market guiding our landlords through the myriad of legislative and tax changes, and hopefully support tenants when it's most needed.

LV Property Group is a family organisation, owned and run by husband and wife team Lee & Karen who are more than happy to provide any landlord with direct contact details if they ever need to discuss their property in confidence. Whilst the many years of trading has had it's ups and downs we are very proud of the knowledge and experience that has given us and the wonderful team that we have been able to build. Between the owners and staff we have over 58 years in Lettings and Property Management, NOT ESTATES!