We recognise it can be stressful trying to find accommodation to rent so Jamie Lewis Residential Lettings will insure you are not wasting time looking at disappointing properties. Time is too precious to waste, let us make the most of your time. We can give you an instant decision as to whether or not we can accept you as a tenant. No credit scoring or application fees payable.

Contact Details

  City Leicester
  Postcode LE3 5PR
  Address 50 Fosse Rd Central
  Phone Number 011 6233 1233

I had the unfortunate pleasure of using Jamie Lewis as my first letting. Suffice to say I loved the room as it was big, bright and airy, however the problems started soon after moving in. I had worked nights and when looking at the property before renting, had no idea that the tenant beneath liked to play his music with the base on full blast. Jamie Lewis only seriously got involved when I contacted the council despite my complaints. To top this off, the boiler was working for only maybe an hour or two during the morning, on some days not at all, meaning no hot water for 6 bedsits residents. The only option was to use the 2nd floor which had a separate boiler, but imagine fitting in 9 residents using the shower and cooking in the kitchen! Despite regular calls and they sending out engineers who seemingly couldn't figure out the problem, it took 7 months for them to fix it. No rent discount was offered.

During this time when the weather got cold at the end of September, there was absolutely no heating. I had to purchase heaters myself due to MOULD growing on my windows. A sharp phone call to maintenance was made in November and oddly the boiler was fixed in only 4 days. Regular hot water available at any time of the day was only sorted out in October. I had emailed Jamie Lewis regarding compensation, however they chose to ignore my 3 emails regarding this matter and I had no choice but to go through the small claims court, to which the problem still hasn't been sorted. Nor have I had any money back. I will be moving out at the end of April and would advice everyone not to use this company.