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  • Glasgow Southside & Newton Mearns

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  City Glasgow
  Postcode G42 7RT
  Address 2 Calder St
  Phone Number 014 1422 1431

  • I would not recommend this business

Warning, stay clear of this utterly shameful letting agent.
If my advice won't sway you, then let this: - The history of the previous manager of the company.
Rude and intimidating staff with terrible phone manners. The first property that we wanted to let from them fell though in favor of another party. It was a month and a half later we found out that we hadn't in fact got this flat dispute us putting down the deposit on it. The property they ended up showing us was overpriced and mouse ridden. Due to the time of year and the properties available running out after summer we felt the pressure to take it.
The rodents they blamed on the council, dispute the huge amount of holes in the property. Life was utterly miserable in the hovel they considered to be fit for a home. The council where surveying properties down my road and stopped outside our flat. They were utterly shocked by the state of the property. The huge crack that ran right down the front of the building could be lined up with those that lay inside the property. Wooden struts held up the windows of some of the flats above ours which surely lay outside of fire regulations. The council seemed keen on interfering.
Even though they managed three of the properties in the flat block, they refused to organise a much-needed factor. Meaning that anything that happened in the communal section of the flat took a while to fix. There was no buzzer system for the flat when the front door was closed there was no hope for anything to ever be delivered. We missed our bills and important documents being delivered to us. It became a pleasant spot for the junkies that wandered into the building when they felt like it. One became so regular that he made a home for himself under the stairs and set fire to a TV he found. It caused the entirety of the close to turning black and wasn't ever cleaned in the 12 months we lived there. Needles and urine would welcome us home before we reached our damp and cold flat. Impossible to heat to a regular temperature due to a simple case of the windows not shutting properly.
The malpractice continued with simple legal matters. Such as not giving us a copy of the contract after we had signed it straight away and misspelling our names on important documents.
Dispute this, simple things in the flat were fixed the inadequate time and we suppose they were somewhat fair with the final deposit. I am almost tempted to let them off the 1 star rating for this. But due to the argumentative nature of their employees and how utterly disgraceful they made the 12 months I can't justify it. I look forward to the petty response that they will undoubtedly give to this review. I have flagged them up to the council in person, they knew what agency I was talking about before I even said their name.

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