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Difficult experience all the way through. My partner and I rented a flat through Let It for the majority of 2019. The process was shady from before the start - the agent who came to show me the flat in the first place had absolutely no knowledge about the property. The requirements to actually submit an application were onerous for both of us, and we're two adult professionals.

Service calls throughout our 10 month let were often slow, sometimes in the extreme. One notable example - we reported there was a hole in the wall in one of the cupboards, leading to the outside. We reported this prior to our tenancy beginning in January. It was not repaired until around SIX MONTHS later!

As far as moving out goes, I would recommend taking thorough photos prior to moving in, and don't plan to get much of your deposit back. We got a list of issues upon our moving out, some of which were blatant fabrications. Notable example was that they said the bathroom sink was not cleaned. In a separate line item, the listed that there was soap left on the bathroom sink. In another separate line item, they noted there was a cloth left in the bathroom sink. Both of which had been used to thoroughly clean the sink prior to our departure, which is why they had been left there!

The only positive thing I can say is that the staff were reasonably courteous. Strongest recommendation to avoid.

Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

After emailing with no reply and phoning twice we were invited to a group viewing of a house and on arrival were told that first person back to their office would get the property which meant that no one looked round the property and instead all jumped into their cars so if there were any faults there wasn't time to see them without a thorough look around. There were mothers with prams and small children who didn't have cars and didn't live near to the property which meant they had an unfair disadvantage. I find it disgraceful that they can turn renting a property into a race. As well as this after reading their terms and conditions for letting I found there were lots of hidden charges such as up to an extra J250 for a "reference check" which I have never had to pay before and a J100 charge on top of the deposit! After this fiasco I am very glad that I didn't get their property and would stay well away!

They were notified 10 days ago that toilet in fully furnished flat was not working.

Advised us that it would be fixed the same day. No plumber visited nor was there any communication from the letting agent to say that the plumber would not be able to fix it that day.

When we called back to see why nothing had been done they accused us of lying about what they said but assured us it someone would be out to repair that day. When we got home someone had been in flat but no repairs had been done. Again no communication to say that they had been out or even that they could not repair it that day. This has been the way it has been at every stage, no communication at all from the agent to let us know what has been happening. We are left to guess or wait until we come home to check for signs of repair.

The next day we phone again. Staff are rude, accuse us of being offensive when it is them who are raising their voices. At no time are we actually insulting to staff, yes our tone might be a little terse but that is to be expected when you have been promised time and time again that repairs will be done and nothing is. Staff then start to refuse calls, manager phones back to say it will be a couple of days to get the part.

FIVE days later and no communication from them again and still no sign of repairs. We phone back AGAIN (note how we always have to initiate contact, at no point does that agent phone us to keep us in the loop, we have to constantly chase them) only to be told AGAIN it will be done that day. AGAIN nothing and AGAIN no call to tell us that once again they will not be living up to their promises.

Phoned back again today (day 10) in morning to be told that it will definitely be fixed today and they will call us as soon as the plumber arrives. By 4pm no call so we call them back again, always us chasing them, only to be told that it wouldn't be done today, they didn't know when it would be done, and they didn't have time to be dealing with our repair.

A letting agent that does not have time to deal with their tenants repair requests? What exactly is their purpose then?

At this point the MANAGER hangs up.

The service by LET-IT is attrocisous. If you need any repairs done they will drag their heals, always pass the blame onto someone else (plumber, supplier, etc), hang up on your calls, have ZERO communication with you and treat you as if you are a bother and inform you that they don't have time to (do their jobs) deal with your repair.