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My partner and I, who are both professionals in our 30s have cumulatively lived in over 30 rental house/flats since leaving for university, and in that time we have had some bad landlords and agents, and some great ones too. This was by far the worst experience both of us have had.

When we moved into a property which latterly became managed by Maychild, with Helen Delaney, now of Maychild as the owner and landlord of our property, we were met with a wonderful greeting and a personal, interested and friendly approach. It appears with hindsight that we unfortunately fell for what now feels to us like a facade. As soon as we gave notification that we were due to leave the property the relationship changed, and despite our actions to go out of our way to accommodate the needs of the new tenants, we experienced what I can only describe as a terrible service.

The landlord (Helen Delaney of Maychild) followed up our check out inventory (complied by Staffordshire Inventories - avoid at all costs) with claims that were not in line with an accurate comparison of the check in and out reports (admittedly partly due to the unprofessional service and report produced by Staffordshire Inventories), and despite numerous attempts to outline the evidence to Maychild so that we could resolve the matter amicably, they forced us to go through the tenant dispute service.

Despite being offered a range of positive superlatives directly during our tenancy about us as tenants, suddenly, things had changed...once the potential for receiving monies from our deposit was apparent. Helen of Maychild claimed for the full amount of the deposit back for herself, when it was quite clear from the evidence provided that this was not appropriate, and this included claims for monies due to the poor upkeep of the property by the landlord with respect to documented damp conditions, and also included claims for betterment.

We were able to claim around 90% money back through this process. The small proportion of the deposit that went back to Helen of Maychild following the TDS was actually for an item that was in the same condition when we moved in (as we had not used it however the inventory company specified the condition as being different despite not using any photographic evidence at the pre or post stage - with the TDS you cannot turn around their decision but in the grand scheme of things we were happy to let this go). However, we were scarred by the experience, and it took a number of months to receive the monies due to us, and a number of sleepless nights due to the manner with which we were treated. It seemed clear that Helen Delaney of Maychild attempted to try to use the deposit system as a way to recoup as much as possible, without any care for us, or consideration of the evidence supplied to them in very clear reports.

We had in fact also spent a lot of money (with the pre-agreement of the landlord) improving areas of the property during our tenancy, including decorating and DIY tasks, and this was completely ignored. My partner and I are both honest hard-working people and felt it was worth highlighting our experience so that others do not make the same mistake as we did. Don't be fooled.

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