Home Lettings offer free valuations and advice on all types of residential properties in Colchester and the surrounding area.

We own our own rental properties and apply the same criteria to our client's properties as our own. If we would not accept an applicant in one of our own properties then we will not recommend them as a potential tenant to a client.

Serviced Areas

  • Colchester, Ardleigh, Manningtree, Elmstead Market, Ipswich, Witham, Wivenhoe

Contact Details

  City Colchester
  Postcode CO7 7SE
  Address The Wear House Bromley Rd
  Phone Number 012 0686 2288

From Our Website

The data provided here is based on local property price changes as provided by Land Registry and does not take into consideration improvements made to the property or current local market trends. These are not to be relied on for property sale. We strongly recommend you to book a valuation with your local property expert for a professional valuation of your property. No sale information is available on this property, so the valuation is based on the nearby sales of similar properties. Our online valuations are estimated based on information available via the public Land Registry data, and should therefore be used as guidance only.