Gatekeeper is an estate and letting agent, working across Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, Swindon and Witney. We all work from one central office, so our customers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience in property sales, letting and property management. Our local teams look after specific areas, so a detailed understanding of individual markets is always paramount. With a service package that is truly second to none, we simply deliver better results. 98% of customers recommend us, with many rating us ‘fantastic’ on our website. As we’re all shareholders, that makes us extremely proud.

Serviced Areas

  • Oxfordshire,Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire

Contact Details

  City Witney
  Postcode OX28 6JA
  Address High Street
  Phone Number 019 9377 5320

Gatekeeper are full of totally inadequate staff that operate like their job is to make you as dissatisfied as possible. Could never get a decent answer from any queries (always being made to an 0845 number so you are charged to chase up every time). Had 3 different Property Managers equally as useless as the last, never having any communication between each other or an idea at what goes on. Also be warned, we received information from another letting agency that Gatekeeper only allow you 6 month leases so that you can 'work out if you want to stay long term' but this is actually common practice so that they can charge renewal fees. You have been warned!!

Unfortunately I had the misfortune of renting out a property from Gatekeepers in Chain Court, Old Town, Swindon. The problem started from first viewing when the gatekeeper agent lied to about damp marks on the walls. We were told they were historic issues and had been fixed however a few days after we moved in we realised that the wall had mould growing on it. Six months ahead, after countless number of visits from supposedly damp experts and a large hole in the wall to investigate the issue, nothing has been done yet. Me and my wife are both developed breathing problems and my numerous tries to get released from the contract have failed on the basis that the damp issue is under investigation and there is nothing else the landlord can do about it.

We are forced to sleep in the lounge of a two bedroom flat because both bedroom are in unliveable conditions due to exposure to mould. Furthermore when we moved in the bed in the second bedroom was broken. On contacting gatekeepers, rather then apologising the landlord sent a message through them to say “I allow the tenants to buy their own bed however they will have to store the broken bed in the property and put it back up when they leave”. After a few heated arguments they agreed to replace the bed, a month after we moved in.

There have been numerous other issues in the 5 months we have been in the property ranging from washing machine breaking down, mould in kitchen cabinets to finding used razor blades behind the toilet sink from previous tenants. I am not sure how they are with other tenants but from this experience I would not recommend gatekeeper to anyone and would advise any prospective tenants to contact current tenants about behaviour of the landlord with tenants.

I would like to advice all estate agents specially gatekeepers that they should be more mindful of tenants rather than just being a landlord's agent. Tenants are the ones who suffer from any problems with the property. The landlord and estate agents should appreciate that any delays in rectifying these issues have a huge impact on their standard of living especially issues that can impact tenant's health e.g. Mould. At the end of the day tenants are your customers and you have no business if you have no tenants.