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  City Oxford
  Postcode OX2 7BY
  Address 226 Banbury Rd
  Phone Number 018 6531 1011

Finders Keepers has an agenda to make the tenant feel unwelcome in what is supposed to be the tenants "home". They are clearly not concerned at all with their customers right to live in their property undisturbed. The main goal is to make sure they cover all their bases. Fair enough to be thorough, but I can't remember the last time I had the white glove test upon checkout. When my wife, baby and I first moved in the cleanliness of the house was not up to professional levels at all. We had them send out cleaners after we moved in to go over the whole lot. Even then they did a terrible job and we had the letting agent agree that it was not up to pro levels of cleanliness.

We cleaned the entire house and made sure everything was in top shape. Upon checkout the agent said they would have to send in cleaners for a couple hours and that would come out of the deposit. I mentioned that our check in agent had noted that it wasn't clean upon move in so we returned it to an even better state at the end of tenancy. I had emails as well of the correspondence. This was the last day of tenancy so I rightly had the option to correct the issues myself and if then, they weren't corrected, they could take cleaning costs. She protested the whole way through saying that I had no choice and they were just going to send in cleaners regardless. I basically repeated myself over again that I had a right to clean up and return the keys to their office by the end of business. I kept my end of the bargain, did the work, and took photos, returned the keys to their office and hope to never deal with them again.

If you have an issue with repairs they will just give a key to a contractor for them to enter when they please. I have had contractors enter while my daughter and I were sleeping early in the morning after I told the agent the day before that my shift work would interfere. I had arranged with the contractor personally to do the work when my wife was home and Finders Keepers contacted them said they could do the work when they wanted and gave them a key.

In another circumstance involving an inspection, they arranged with my wife a date and hoping to do it sooner contacted me without my wife's knowledge, her being the one who made sure our schedules allowed. They are not transparent in their communications and will lie at every step of the way.

This review could go on forever but bottom line is they have no care or respect for their customers, which are the tenants who pay rent to pay their salaries. I have lived in the U.S. For 36 years. I only recently moved to the U.K. And the first letting agency I used has led me to the worst experience ever as a renter.