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  City South Woodham Ferrers
  Postcode CM3 5JX
  Address 3-11 Reeves Way
  Phone Number 012 4532 9652

This company do not manage, they take weeks to get back to their tenants, they avoid dealing with problems and they also lie.

We had to complain to the council as they refused to deal with our complaints, and they lied to the council to try and make out that they had been a supportive management company. They do nothing and get paid for it.

Joanne Busby is one of the worst members of the staff - she is conveniently never available when there are problems, and the usual excuse is that she is 'on a site visit'. How many site visits can a person do?? When she does finally respond, there is little substance to her emails and no action seems to be taken.

Their gardeners butcher the gardens and do not plant new plants when things die either, despite residents asking them to do so for several years now. Overall, this is the worst and laziest company I have ever known and anything you ask for does not happen and they show no concern whatsoever.

They seem to have no concern for residents safety, peace or happiness in general and try to palm all complaints off to other places ie the police or the council. So why are they in the business of management?

This is a typical corporate company-all about charging money for doing nothing. All talk and no action. This company really should be investigated for malpractice of some sort and avoid them at all costs.

Really bad companies always sides with the landlord. Am likely to be evicted because my property actually looks like It's been lived in. Have been moaned at for having wait for it....cobwebs outside my door! (because we all know nature is not allowed to take it's course). Have been warned by a previous tenant of there's that they expect showroom standards and they want it to look like it hasn't been lived in. Not only this but they delay procedures of things that need to be fixed. I have always paid my rent on time but they are being very petty about the details of the home.