the Company that has grown with the expanding city living market. Apartments with our specified furnishings package are often let within days of coming on to the market. We offer a "one-stop shop" for the investor market, in that we furnish investment properties and offer a full management service.

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  City Manchester
  Postcode M4 4JR
  Address 14A Rochdale Rd
  Phone Number 016 1833 3820

I have to say The owners of this company are nothing more than criminals, they withhold deposits, fail to pay the landlords rent on time. Itís only a matter of time before you get the knock on the door, itís the police you are under arrest for the proceeds of crime, because what she is doing is a criminal offence.

Far and away the worst experience I have had with a letting agent. Service was poor to non existent at best whilst I was in the property. The rent was exorbitant, however, for an easy life I was willing to pay it. On the third notification of an increase to my rent in 12 months I decided to move out. There was of course the fee to move out, apparently their time is very valuable at J35 to take the lift upstairs for the mandatory 5 minute check out inspection. Nothing was noted at the check out, however, 2 weeks later i received an email stating that they had found damage to a lampshade. I was to pay J135 to replace the lamp. I immediately disputed this as there was only some light cracking to the underside as a result of heat from the light bulb. When I asked to see the damage I was informed that the lamp (entire lamp, not just the shade) had been destroyed and replaced. During these discussions I was spoken to in a manner that confirmed customer care was near the bottom of their list of priorities (a list topped by extortion from people who generally don't argue for the sake of an easy life). Knowing they have no case with this they have now refused to respond to the request from the Deposit Protection Service to repay the deposit. Now five months after moving out I have had to make a 'single deposit claim' meaning I have to complete a declaration witnessed by a solicitor as by refusing to respond the + J1000 deposit cannot be returned, not even the portion not being disputed.

I would advise to all, except people I hate, to take the widest berth possible from Edenvale. The apartments on offer in the developments they are associated with are nice, but can be found at significantly lower prices at competing agencies (no doubt owned by landlords who, through similar experiences, have chosen to use a different company).