We at diylandlordstore are dedicated to assisting private residential landlords in the UK to manage their own property portfolios in a cost effective manner. Our ethos is to make managing your property portfolio and tenants easy with very little time and effort being required to set up, run and manage and end a tenancy thus maximising your property investment.

Our products and services are tailored to the needs of our clients as they are split into manageable sections so you can pick exactly the right service to match where you are in your letting cycle. There is no need to waste time and money on services you do not require or want. We also have guides on every aspect of letting out your property and what to do if things go wrong and how to put them right to put your firmly in control of your property investment.

As part of our ethos we want to help our clients to be knowledgable professional landlords and therefore we provide helpful free information on Landlords Obligations you will need to consider when renting out your property. These items are quite easily overlooked by landlords when renting properties because some letting agents charge for providing the information and services. Therefore by providing this information on our website we hope this can be a quick reference tool for you so we can help remove any barriers to you understanding what your obligations are as a landlord.

By using the services that diylandlordstore provides you can find a comprehensive and professional service that can save you ?000's from what a high street residential managing agent would charge you for the same services. For example assuming your property would provide a rent of J500pcm or J6,000pa. A High Street letting agency could charge up to 10% of the annual income for managing the property that is J600 off your annual income! They may even charge up to J150 to set up a tenancy not to mention the costs of checking out your tenant once the tenancy has ended. All in all you could spend nearly 2 months rent in managing agents costs. Can you afford to only receive 10 months rental income from your investment in that crucial first year? With our products you could manage your own property more effectively than a managing agent for less than J50! Why not give us a try?

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