We are a small Edinburgh based organisation specialising in the rental and management of residential properties. We also provide a service for the purchase, furnishing and rental of property in Edinburgh for investment clients. As we are a small company we can offer a tailor made service for your requirements and are always happy to give advice on all aspects of letting.

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  City Edinburgh
  Postcode EH3 7DS
  Address 20 Manor Pl
  Phone Number 013 1220 4817

I am a landlord who requested a reference for a former tenant that had rented a flat via Crichton-Stuart. The person I dealt with, Melanie Terris, Director, was unhelpful, impolite and obstructive with providing information. In addition, they informed their previous tenants (who I now rent a flat to) that they would be charged J25 for providing a reference to me as a prospective landlord, despite the fact that this is unlawful under section 82 of the Rents (Scotland) Act 1984 and section 32 of the Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Act 2011.

Melanie's approach initially led me to believe that there was a problem with the tenants I was considering, but this was not the case, and I am not sure why she was not forthcoming with information; suspect it was because she was reluctant to provide this without payment. Based on my experience, I was not left with a great impression of the company or their approach in appearing to circumvent the law at tenants & landlords expense. I would choose not to use this agency to let a property and would not recommend them to potential tenants looking to rent property. I can see why landlords and agencies get a bad name when there are companies out there that are not operating responsibly.