Cairn offers a comprehensive Letting and Management service which can be tailored to suit the requirements of each landlord. We offer the best possible advice on every aspect of the letting process, from guiding you through the mandatory regulations to the preparation of your property for marketing and finding a suitable tenant.

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I moved out of a property managed by Cairn Letting on the 13/01/14.

Firstly, there was a few things needing done in the flat, the veranda door in the living room didn't close properly at all so there was a constant draft and I had to use duct tape to seal it shut and keep the draft out. There was also a broken dishwasher that never got sorted throughout the whole tenancy even though the door that wouldn't close properly fell on top of my 2 year old nephew's head causing him severe bruising. Even after informing the letting agency of this and informing them that this was a health and safety hazard they still done nothing about it.

When it came time to renew the lease cairn said the landlord was wanting to put the rent up by J25 which I didn't mind paying so I said that was fine if they fixed the dishwasher, which I didn't think was a bad deal considering this was part of the flat when I moved in, but instead of fixing it they just informed me that the landlord wanted me out of the flat.

I arranged a move out day, which Cairn (which they wrote down wrong in their diary). Anyways, when they turned up to meet me a day late at the flat I walked round with the agent who said the flat was in a great clean condition and he would process the paperwork for me to get my deposit back (J1075) when he got back to the office. So a week went by and I still hadn't heard anything from safe deposit Scotland so I got in touch with them and they told me they hadn't received any paperwork so I had to go between them and Cairn who informed me that I would get the full deposit back. Some time passed, then I received an email from safe deposit Scotland saying - Cairn were wanting half the deposit for cleaning the flat, after them telling me that it was perfect when I left it. I then went to Cairn asking why they were wanting this money and they told me it was down to the landlord even though safe deposit told me it was for cleaning they wanted the money and then told me it was nothing more to do with them and there was nothing else they could tell me.

I disputed this money with safe deposit and put it to an adjudication system they have, upon which Cairn couldn't provide proof that the flat needed all that money to clean it so I got the full deposit back, which was great, but by the time I got it back it was mid April and I had been out the flat three months.

I would avoid Cairn at all costs unless you want nothing done and then half your deposit stolen off of you.