Belvoir! Lettings Andover can provide you a prime one-stop solution to your property investment & management needs in the Andover, Ludgershall, Whitchurch, North Waltham, Tidworth, Marlborough areas of Hampshire & Wiltshire. As the most successful agent in Andover, we are always looking for more properties to satisfy the high level of tenant enquiries recieved at our offices in Andover, Ludgershall & Whitchurch.

Serviced Areas

  • Newark Grantham

Contact Details

  City Grantham
  Postcode NG31 6QF
  Address 23 St. Peters Hill
  Phone Number 014 7654 2100

Becoming a Belvoir Lettings franchise was the worst mistake of my life. There were four new offices on my franchise induction course and two were closed in under 18 months. Belvoir are very good at getting you started with an office, a car and a bank loan which are all liabilities which you are responsible for when you realise that their business model does not work. If you have to close your office they will take whatever revenue streams you have (in other words they take all of your assets) and leave you with a load of debt to sort out (all of the liabilities).

They encourage you to discuss your new venture with their existing franchisees at first so that when it all goes wrong they have not advised you or been responsible for guiding you in any direction - very clever Belvoir !! They are very dishonest in a way that does not allow any come back against them. They provided me with plenty of figures and a business plan to show it would be a good investment to get the bank loan etc and then have a disclaimer that the info is provided by their franchisees and not themselves. The only way I can describe my association with Belvoir Lettings PLC is that I felt as though I had been abused by them!

Such a rude and customer uncaring agency. Discriminative. Arrogant. Very poor service. Totally unprofessional, incompetent. Think very carefully before using them.