2let2U is a growing residential lettings agency seeking Landlords with whom to build a long lasting and beneficial relationship. The agency is run by 3 directors who have a combined wealth of over 15 years experience in residential lettings. We personally own our own properties in the South Yorkshire area and we successfully manage these properties amongst many others. We differ greatly from large commercial lettings agents and we pride ourselves on the basis that there are no upfront fees and we get paid on results!

Serviced Areas

  • Barnsley, Wombwell, South Yorkshire

Contact Details

  City Barnsley
  Postcode S70 2NZ
  Address McLintocks House, Summer Lane
  Phone Number 012 2644 7150
  Fax 07092 117256

I am absolutely disgusted by the service received by 2let2u in Swindon. I chose to move into a ground floor flat in Swindon Town Centre in March 2011, on a six month contract.

Two months down the line, the extractor fan above my oven breaks. The fence in the garden falls down. The front garden becomes fully overgrown and rubbish was mounting in the front garden, as a result of too many people living at this property. (The house being divided into four flats). Once again, no action taken by 2let2u to rectify these spiralling problems.

I called their maintenance line several times and did not get anything fixed during my time here. Then in May 2011 I get broken into, partly as a result of my bathroom window being fully exposed due to the fallen fence. I get no offer of help from the letting agency to feel secure in my flat. Luckily my dad does windows by trade so was able to seal the bathroom window firmly shut for me. I also invested in my own alarm deterrent stickers. However I have not felt safe living here still.

There is also a strong smell of sewage in the hallway as there is a downpipe on the front of the house, which should not be there. My shower also regularly blocks.

Finally, in August 2011 I get made redundant, with another job made available to me in October. I was a prompt rent payer, when for my final month I struggled slightly. Their manager came down on me like a tonne of bricks, with zero compassion for my stressful circumstances, I even made payment arrangements. I had paid half of my rent at this point. She threatened to charge me interest. I also had to play a communication cat and mouse chase, as the landlady lives in London. I made it explicitly clear in an email and phone call in August I wanted to extend my tenancy agreement by just 12 days, as that's the day I was given to move to a military base. It was all agreed before.

Then I get the most viscious outburst from their management on the phone, denying they weren't aware of these arrangements. (I sent them a copy of the email I originally sent). My flat has already been advertised online now, and I still have about 33 days left to live here, they want to take people round to view the property when all of my items are boxed up ready to go in storage. I am not happy with this company's attitude to customers; a very selfish company, all it wants is rent. You won't get anything fixed with 2let2u, and you won't get any leniency either if you struggle money wise. Even if you agree to pay by a certain date.

I have never paid J425 a month to live in such a shabby flat, to not get things fixed, and be treated so disgustingly, as a member of the armed forces. I deserved a bit more respect and understanding. I do NOT recommend 2let2u whatsoever. Totally incompetent company. Need I say more. I think my testimony above speaks volumes. If you live in Swindon, Wiltshire, consider another letting agency, seriously.